What are the alternatives?

There are many tour guide systems available in the market place. These all however require large numbers of hardware devices that must be managed and maintained.

OCTAVU takes away the issue of purchasing or renting large volumes of equipment as well as the risks associated with managing and handing such equipment out to the public. Furthermore the unique interface platform that OCTAVU uses mean the population of data on the system is quick and simple and all handled by OCTAVU. There are no large production costs. By comparison to app based tour systems OCTAVU doesn't require the user to download any service and doesn't require any Internet access and as such has no data costs for the user.

* No public hardware to buy/rent or manage.

* Population of data is quick and simple.

* Changes to the data can be made remotely with ease.

* The system can have advertising added if required.

* The system will log which exhibits the visitors are most interested in.

* The visitors personal device is locked down to OCTAVU when in use so prevent distractions such as data messaging or internet browsing.