There are many applications for the Octavu system

A Tour Guide

Octavu offers a wireless personal tour guide system that visitors connect to using their own smart phone or tablet. Whilst using their own hardware and being connected to a local bubble, users can view tour content. Users experience the content on their own device so it feels more personal and interactive. The content can be varied and dynamic, including images audio and video. The system enhances the visitor experience supporting the exhibitor as a wireless tour guide.

Virtual Concierge

Providing hotel and local information to residents of hotels and guest houses.


Octavu high speed captive portals can be successfully implemented in the retail sector. The system enables shoppers  to access information from the retailer directly to their own smart phone including sales offers, promotions, products information and store services. No internet connectivity is required and the user has no data charges.


Providing property marketing information to potential house buyers at showhome Developments. Capturing the details of prospective buyers whilst providing an Interactive experience at the property, acting as a silent salesman when no sales person is on site.

High Street Vouchers

Discount vouchers can be accessed via the shoppers smart phone and are only available to people on the high street connected to the Octavu system, Retailers using the network can easily advertise promotions and drive customers into their shop